Mission Statement


Sacred Heart is a Catholic Primary School that has educated students in the Morwell parish for over 130 years. The school is committed to following the words of Jesus who said, “...learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart” (Mt 11:29)

As such, we are a Catholic community that values and celebrates the individual differences in every member of the community and values lifelong learning and celebrates the individuality of every member of the community

We are committed to developing  and nurturing our relationship with God over time. We believe in an education that respectful of the individual needs of all learners and accommodates all aspects of learning that is required for a contemporary society.

  • Our relationship with God needs to be given time to develop and flourish.
  • Social and emotional wellbeing is at the core of all learning.
  • Everyone has a right to an education that allows for collaboration, flexibility and individuality.