Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is integral to our whole school life. The children are encouraged to show respect for one another and all at Sacred Heart.

Our pastoral care policy is intended to provide a blueprint for the qualities we strive to foster among the children, staff and parents at Sacred Heart.

  • The qualities of acceptance, understanding and love are the hallmarks of our communal relationships.
  • The qualities of justice and forgiveness permeate our Discipline Policy.
  • The qualities of honesty and truthfulness are valued and part of school life.
  • The qualities of compassion and caring permeate our school life.

Every week, different values are discussed and emphasized as we aim to nurture and develop children who are fair, tolerant, open and caring of one another and the environment.

At all times staff at Sacred Heart School work to promote positive approaches to managing behaviour and endeavour to foster in students self-discipline and the capacity to accept responsibility for their actions.

Students are made aware of the rights of other to feel safe and learn. Students learn that each action has a positive or negative consequence. Students are expected to act in an appropriate and safe manner. Students are given opportunities to interact with others in a positive way. Every effort is made to ensure all students understand rules and expected standards of behaviour.

Consequences are as much as possible logically connected to the actions involved. Parents are consulted and are encouraged to work with the school in helping children manage their behaviour appropriately.

By working together we aim to provide a friendly, safe and caring environment.